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The main goal at Delrixbullz is health and temperament. We believe that by carefully implementing the imported English Bulldog blood lines with American and Canadian lines they are strengthening the genetic soundness in the English Bulldog breed.   Delrixbullz are focused on the lovely Bulldog head and proper jaw, and correct turn of shoulder and length of back.We breed only to bulldogs that conform to the AKC,and BCA  (Bulldog Club of America) standards, are healthy and have the wonderful bulldog temperament! We are dedicated to producing bulldogs that not only look good on the family couch but also in the show ring. We Usually have  English Bulldog puppies available to those special homes. all of our  English Bulldog puppies are raised in a loving, clean environment in the office and TV room, receive tons of attention from our children, ourselves and receive the best vet care available. Please do your research before getting your English Bulldog puppy.We prefer to visit via the phone and email regarding any available English Bulldog puppies that may be available.Please be aware that although an English Bulldog puppy is expensive this is not a "money making" endeavor. When visiting with different breeders be aware that the breeders that are doing the "right" thing are not as concerned about the money as they are about you being the right home.Breeding and exhibiting English Bulldogs is not only monetarily  expensive but also very emotionally expensive and  a very time consuming passion for those of us who are truly dedicated to this breed. http://www.delrixbullz.com

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Contact Info: 731-393-4055

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Our puppies are great with kids and other pets and even cats! We show the dogs and raise only healthy high quality puppies, and we offer a lifetime Year Health Guarantee. I also do animal rescue and I actually started rescuing animals when I was a little girl. Until today I still continue to rescue stray and unwanted abused dogs and cats.http://www.delrixbullz.com

Email: delrixbullz@yahoo.comPhone: 731-393-4055