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Shefaro Borzoi was founded in 1978 with the importation of my foundation bitch, Cherta, from Switzerland. Serious showing and name recognition came with my first special, Eagle, in 1988. Both Shefaro Borzoi and Boer Goats are winning in their respective show rings and I look forward to greater success in the new years to come. Shefaro's success comes from careful breeding and importing some of the finest bloodlines from Europe. There were two American bred dog incorporated into Shefaro's breeding program, both were disasters. One brought odd movement, the other bad bites. In order to clear the gene pool, I was forced to sell off some lovely Borzoi. They carried their paternal grand aunt's gene for undershot bites. I went back to Europe to get back to what I had before using these American bred dogs. The new kids at Shefaro are Polish imports, Hortus Shefaro Tesoro and Hortus Shefaro Tessa. Interestingly enough, their pedigree goes back to von Smetanka, the kennel of my foundation bitch, Cherta. Importing Ch. Zchatsaj's Shefaro Guillermo and his sister, Gloriosa, gave me access to the wonderful old Polongain lines. My Danish import boys, Champions Lhaghana Dario and Darnilo of Zarina, gave me the look and temperaments I love with an infusion of old Danish blood. Darnilo has proved to be one of my best producers to date. It is his get out of Shefaro bitches that will be bred eventually to the new Polish kids.


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