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FOUR BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES FOR SALE IN PINEVILLE KENTUCKY Our beautiful Dachshund, Candi, and our sire, Copper parented four beautiful dachshund puppies. These puppies are AKC registered! Candi gave birth to three piebald babies, and one chocolate and tan baby. They will definitley be shaggy, and at least one will definitley be long haired. The piebald puppies are dark chocolate and white, and one is black and white. As said, the other puppy is chocolate and tan.   PLEASE GO TO OUR WEBSITE OR EMAIL US FOR PICTURES. WE MAY NOT HAVE THE PICS ON OUR WEBSITE YET, BUT JUST EMAIL AND WE WILL MAKE SURE TO GET YOU A PICTURE AND ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS POSSIBLE.  

Email: fusonsdachshunds@hotmail.com

Contact Info: 1-606-337-5443

State: KY