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  Beautiful 8 weeks Old. Born September 16, 2009. Havanese & Lhaso Apso Puppies.   4 Girls           $995 each with accessories included (listed on website) 3 Boys           $895 each,  Runt $995 with accessories included ( " )   Go to their website at www.dogpregnancyblog.com   Fully loaded with tons of information, from pregnancy to birth, to growing to 8 weeks old. Updated constantly.  We welcome your review and interest in our puppies.   There are dozens of pictures and information about the puppies, mommy and daddy, our family, everything listed there for your viewing.   Any questions please write us, check out website and see which puppy grabs your heart the most!   Thank you for checking out our puppies. Have a wonderful day and may you be blessed with wonderful puppy kisses!  

Email: SkyLerFL@aol.com

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State: NY