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4 month old full blooded female Miniature Dachsund, Silver Dapple. She has papers but has not yet been registered. Pad trained, kid friendly, GREAT house dog. Just not enough time to spend with her as I would like, she deserves a good loving family that will be able to take up the amount of time with her that she deserves.

Email: bagay@colquitt.k12.ga.us

Contact Info: 229-589-1806

State: GA


Roxy is a 4 month old female mini Dachsund, silver dapple.  She is full blooded, with papers but has not yet been registered.  She is kid friendly, pad trained, a great house dog!  We are from South GA and I would love for her to go to a family that is not too far away because I prefer not to ship her.  She is a really good puppy we just don't have the time to spend with her like I would like and like she deserves.

200.00 (obo)
Email: bagay@colquitt.k12.ga.usPhone: 229-589-1806