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Balto is a five month old beautiful black and white husky mix. He was born on December 24th 2009. He has been neutered, dewormed, had all his booster shots, and rabies shot. Very loving and hyper, needs more room than i can provide. if you are interested or need more information, contact Teresa at 269 685 7368, he's in need of a good home asap. please come meet him.


Contact Info: 2696857368

State: WA


Balto is a 5 month old male beautiful black and white husky mix, he has been neutered, had all of his shots, including rabies, and has been dewormed. he is loving and hyperactive and in need of more room than i can give him. If you have any interest please call Teresa at 269 685 7368, in need of a good home asap, im just out of the army and need to move back home. thank you for your time and please come meet him. Kennel and food included.

Email: dolphinangel_6@hotmail.comPhone: 269-685-7368