About Us

PawSitesOnline has been around since 1999 and our site features almost 10,000 dog breeders with puppies. We only feature the best breeders with pedigreed dogs. Everybody looking for a puppy online should be aware that on most puppy sites there are a lot of so called "back-yard" breeders selling their dogs, breeders that only breed for money and don't care much about their puppies. The breeders we have are all AKC, FCI, UKC or CKC registered breeders, which means their puppies are registered and they are members of Dog Clubs. This makes for a better quality of dogs. Buying your puppy or kitten from our breeders will ensure that you have direct contact with the breeder and are less likely to be scammed. Buying a puppy from our breeders also means you don't need any escrow agency to handle your money. Our breeders have cheap, affordable and even expensive puppies. We also from time to time have Rescue dogs in our Dog rescue Section where you can get a free puppy or kitten that just needs a loving home.