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Blufuries is a CFA and TICA Russian Blue Cattery in southeastern Massachusetts, 50 miles south of Boston. Adopt a Russian Blue Kitten or Retired Adult. Kittens are home-raised underfoot in busy household. Health certificate.
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Love My Pet offers you comprehensive breed information for the Russian Blue including sociability, aggressiveness, health traits, breed description and what to watch out for when choosing the right cat for you.
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Russian Blue web site. Talisker Russian Blues home page. Page includes helpful information for pet owners and Breeder information about a variety of topics and breeds. Includes information related to Kyina cattery.
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Russian Blue Profile, Russian Blue Cattery Information and Russian Blue Breeders Listings. South Africa Cat Breeders and Cattery Listings. Online cat community for cat lovers, Find A Breeder, Find A Cat Club, Cat Show Dates, KittyCat Calendar and Cat Care
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CZARCATZ Russian Blues is a CFA registered cattery located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I breed and show beautiful russian blue cats. You are invited to tour my site and discover the wonderful world of the russian blue cat !
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I am breeding top quality Russian Blue kittens in both looks and temperament. I have a small cattery and my cats and kittens are raised with me in the home. My tom was just BOB. My cats have been BOB, BIS, BIV, and NOM many times. I have recently returned from North America with a new CFA tom who will be the father of many beautiful kittens. You can see photos of my cats and kittens at I ship kittens worldwide. People who have my kittens report that they are the best cats they have ever had. I choose the homes for my kittens very carefully. My cats are active, playful, and SMART. If you want a kitten like that to add much joy to your home, contact me.

[ Breeder Location (  Israel)


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