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When you purchase a bully from us, you can be assured that:   Your Bullmastiff puppy has been bred from quality lines. The Sire and Dam are of good health, in high spirits, and possess a good nature. The parents are members of our family. Neither the parents nor your puppy have spent one day confined to an inadequate kennel; all our pens are approximately an acre of land. Both the parents and the pups have been treated with respect and dignity. Breeding for sound movement, large typey heads, symmetrical build. All medical needs are addressed and properly cared for. Our bullies are fed a steady diet of high quality food. We do not promote or use steroids to manipulate the size of our bullies; we believe a healthy size is obtained through nutrition, exercise and care. It is important to our kennel that all females complete the maturation process before they breed (approx. 2 years of age); thus promoting healthy pups and healthy mothers. All things bullmastiff: Bullmastiff, Bullmastiffs, Bull Mastiff, bullmastiff breeders, Bullmastiff Breeders, Bullmastiff puppies for sale, bullmastiff puppy, bullmastiff puppies, bullmastiff kennel, and especially black river bullmastiffs.

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