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nice Male and Female cheetahs and Tiger Cubs for sale in to a ca  My puppies for sale  

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Puppies for sale in MaryLand LA     Hello everyone i got Male and Female cheetahs and Tiger Cubs for sale in to a caring home,we are a breeder of a wide variety of exotic animals such as cheetah cubs, cougar cubs, jaguar cubs, leopard cubs, black panther babies, lion cubs, yellow and white Siberian tigers and Bengal tiger cubs.,We offer mostly the tamed babies of 10 to 19 weeks from our collections,We consistently offer high quality and well trained exotic pets for low prices. we shipped quality animals that meet international transport association rules and regulations) They are well care for and delivery is 100% guarantee, They are well trained, All Registered, easy to handle. comes along with all accessories and complete papers. contact for more information directly in my email(  
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 Victoria Adoptables infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Toronto Canada   Victoria Adoptables is dedicated to facilitating adoption of stray and rescued dogs and cats in the Greater Victoria area. The goal of this web site is to assist potential pet owners in finding a rescued or rehabilitated dog or cat to nurture.

[ Breeder Location (Toronto  Canada)


 Mid-Atlantic Brittany Rescue infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Richmond VA   We are rescue, transport, groom, train, & adopt Brittanys in the mid-atlantic region of the US. We offer follow up assistance & training for all dogs adopted. We will take back any dog that doesn't work out in the new home.
VA 406-781-1153
[ Breeder Location (Richmond  VA)


 Bullmastiff & Neapolitan Rescue UK infoView my puppies  
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B.A.R.K. was established in 1994. Operated and run by a committee group of members with the objectives of aiding in any way possible the welfare of animals, particularly to assist in the Rescue, Welfare, and re-homing of animals by adoption to suitable and loving homes. We have numerous enquiries for puppies and would point out that we occasionally have young dogs for adoption, but this is rare, we do not sell or supply, dogs/puppies for breeding. All dogs are strictly adopted as home and family companions only.

[ Breeder Location (  Great-Britain-&-Northern-Ireland)


Jack Russell Rescue of Greater Rochester, NY  My puppies for sale  

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We work in accordance with the JRTCA National Rescue, and we serve the greater Rochester, New York area. You may contact any of the following for information on dogs currently in foster care and available for adoption, Kay Sadowsky 585-338-7577, Kate Douglas 585-624-7226, or Sandra Ryan 585-335-7006.
7370 Stagecoach Road, Dansville, NY 14437-8911, 585-335-7006
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 Coastal Poodle Rescue infoView my puppies  
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Coastal Poodle Rescue rehabilitates unwanted, abused and abandoned poodles and then places them in loving and responsible homes to live out their lives as cherished family members. Although our rescue efforts are concentrated in the eastern corridor from Duval to Dade county, we do conduct adoptions throughout the state of Florida. We have rescued over 140 poodles in the past nine months.
PO BOX 879 Boynton Beach, FL 33425 561-732-1470
[ Breeder Location (  FL)


 United States Wolf Refuge infoView my puppies  
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A national, non-profit organization dedicated promoting and protecting the welfare of all wolves and wolf-dogs throughout North America by providing information, education, refuge, and adoption services.

[ Breeder Location (  NV), Inc. - a no-kill, non-profit animal rescue infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in San Diego CA   A Los Angeles County and Kern County, California based animal rescue. We have dogs rescued from shelters, dogs relinquished by owners, dogs that require medical attention, puppies dropped on our door step...

[ Breeder Location (San Diego  CA)


 Florida Keeshond Rescue infoView my puppies  
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Florida Keeshond Rescue is dedicated to the purposes of rescue, rehabilitation and placement of previously abandoned, neglected, abused or otherwise unwanted keeshonden in permanent homes with responsible caregivers. We present and promote educational programs designed to increase public awareness, enrich the human-animal bond and ensure the welfare of the breed. We believe that all keeshonden deserve to live in peace without abuse of any kind. Our guiding tenet is to do what is best for each keeshond in our program.
[ Breeder Location (  FL)


 Tri-County Humane Society infoView my puppies  
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In recognition of the bond between humans and animals, the Tri-county Humane Society exists to practice and promote humane principles, compassionate care, and the prevention of cruelty to animals. The Society serves the community, both people and animals, by providing quality care and adoption services for animals in need.

[ Breeder Location (  MN)


 Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California infoView my puppies  
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Currently Adoptable Great Pyrenees Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California Photos and Information on Currently Adoptable Great Pyrenees in Northern California and Northern Nevada. The dogs pictured on this site are available for adoption through the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California. To be eligible to adopt one of these dogs you must: * Live in Northern California (south of the Oregon Border, north of Bakersfield) or in the Reno, Nevada area. * Have fencing secure enough to confine a Great Pyrenees. * Fill out an adoption request

[ Breeder Location (  CA)


 Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado, Inc. infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Denver CO   Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado, Inc. is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, abandoned and needy Dalmatians in Colorado and the surrounding states. Most rescue dogs reside in foster homes where the dog is socialized, loved, trained, and where we can learn more about the dog. If interested in a dog from Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado, please go to the website ( and submit an application and a volunteer will contact you. Our voice mail line is 303-415-5703 and it is checked daily.

[ Breeder Location (Denver  CO)


 Etosha Rescue infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Austin TX   Etosha Rescue is an all-breed, no-kill shelter that specializes in abandoned Great Danes, Mastiffs, Pointers and hounds of all kinds. ALl dogs are spayed/neutered and heartworm negative prior to adoption. Website: & email: Located in Seguin, Texas

[ Breeder Location (Austin  TX)


 Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline, Inc. infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Sidney Australia   The Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline, Inc. (ARPH) is a not-for-profit 50l(c)3 organization that is composed of volunteers who are dedicated to saving and rehomeing unwanted Australian Shepherds. These volunteers receive no payment except the sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction found in placing an orphaned Aussie into a loving, caring, and permanent home.

[ Breeder Location (Sidney  Australia)


 Bastian's Place infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Madison WI   View animals available for adoption in North Central Wisconsin. Animal Education site covers all aspects of companion animal education (from puppy mills and reputable breeders to animal abuse, neglect and overpopulation. Pet food & treats, grooming your pet and pet loss), Eating animals, Animals & Science, Animals in Captivity, Wearing animals, Animals in Foreign countries and Education alerts. Everything you ever wanted to know about animals & their rights but were afraid to ask!
[ Breeder Location (Madison  WI)


 Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center, Inc. (Georgia Affiliate) infoView my puppies  
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 Internet Miniature Pinscher Service infoView my puppies  
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 American Shetland Sheepdog Association Sheltie Rescue Network infoView my puppies  
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 Setter Rescue - Irish, Gordon, Irish Red & White infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Nashville TN   Save Our Setters, Inc. provides rescue services to displaced Irish, Gordon, and Irish Red & White Setters. We adopt to qualified homes all across the USA. All of our rescues are fully vetted, altered, and are microchipped for permanent identification.

[ Breeder Location (Nashville  TN)


 Kerry Blue Terrrier Foundation infoView my puppies  
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 USNMC Rescue (Neapolitan Mastiff) infoView my puppies  
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 Affenpinscher Rescue infoView my puppies  
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Affenpinscher Rescue rehomes and rescues Affenpinschers nationwide. See website for pictures of some of the available dogs and on line application forms Coming soon interesting Affenpinscher themed items for sale in support of rescue efforts. Or use the email link to ask for free breed information, sent as a series of emails, or for referral to responsible breeders nationwide. There is a Paypal link on the rescue site if you just want to support breed rescue efforts.

[ Breeder Location (  United-States)


 ANIMAL ADOPTION AGENCY infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Sidney Australia   Adopt or surrender a pet. All animals available come desexed, vaccinated, micro chipped, wormed, lifetime registered & in most cases obedience trained. Average adoption fee for adult dogs is $100 - $250. Please contact us if you wish to find your existing pet a new home. 02 4777 4746 or 0411 681 394

[ Breeder Location (Sidney  Australia)


 Siberian Husky Rescue infoView my puppies  
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 Pug Rescue Network infoView my puppies  
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