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Long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog - from

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Gråhundsvalpar levklara från v 24  My puppies for sale  

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              e J Stubbtrollets Dino S33717/2004 (e SJ(LÖ)CH SUCH Milo u SJCH Dahlholmens Filippa); u Kajsa S 50817/2002 ( e J Trollelgens Buller u Öns L-T Lotta)
pl 2405 C 288 93 Nävlinge
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 Weskeys Kennels infoView my puppies  
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Puppies for sale in Toronto Canada   Located in Canada, we own and compete with our Berger des Pyrenees (Pyrenean Shepherds) Belgians, and Border Collies in several different dog sports, including Flyball, Agility, Herding, Musical Freestyle, Rally-O, Discdog, and Conformation. We occasionally produce litters of healthy, sound pups, for owners who want exceptional, high drive, family companions. Home raised "in the pack", our pups are given a good start in life, clicker trained, and raised using the Superpuppy Module for high achievers. We have a lifelong commitment to our puppies and their new owners.
Box 93, Pense, SK Canada (306) 345-2475
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