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Large, rugged, powerful and impressive, possessing great endurance and agility. Developed through a set of very demanding circumstances for a purely utilitarian purpose; he is a working guard dog without equal, with a unique ability to protect livestock. General impression - Appears bold, but calm, unless challenged. He possesses size, good bone, a well-muscled torso with a strong head. Reserve out of its territory is acceptable. Fluid movement and even temperament is desirable. - from

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Puppies for sale in Nacogdoches TX   

Nestled in the piney woods of deep East Texas, on the banks of the Lanana creek, we are making our dreams come true. We love the small farm life and the values it gives our family. We strive to raise excellent quality, working Anatolian Shepherds, registered Boer goats, Jersey cows and calves, and paint horses. Since 1993, starting with a small herd of goats, used to underbrush our forests and eat the weeds from our pastures, we turned to the Anatolian Shepherd to guard over the stock and protect them from the large population of predators in our forests. With a deep love for dogs, and a special appreciation for the working dog, we decided to put our focus on breeding working dogs. Please take time to explore our site and let us know if we can help you in any way.
Danny & Sharon Eddings Phone: 936 645 0395
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Puppies for sale in San Diego CA   We have had Anatolians for 13 years. Fayda our first ASD was raised to guard our sheep. BeBe and Beau are litter mates and guard our home and the livestock. These dogs are Loyal working and family guard dogs. Our dogs gurad our sheep, our home and the children. Our dogs are well soscialized with our family and raised with livestock. These dogs are not for everyone. They are very independed, smart, dogs. These dogs do not do well just locked up in a normal small city back yard. They need a job and lots of soscialization if they are to be a family pet. Feel free to call or visit any time. We live in Napa CA. We are planning a spring 2005 litter
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