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The Gordon Setter is a good-sized, sturdily built, black and tan dog, well muscled, with plenty of bone and substance, but active, upstanding and stylish, appearing capable of doing a full day's work in the field. He has a strong, rather short back, with well sprung ribs and a short tail. The head is fairly heavy and finely chiseled. His bearing is intelligent, noble, and dignified, showing no signs of shyness or viciousness. Clear colors and straight or slightly waved coat are correct. He suggests strength and stamina rather than extreme speed. Symmetry and quality are most essential. A dog well balanced in all points is preferable to one with outstanding good qualities and defects. A smooth, free movement, with high head carriage, is typical. - from

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Puppies for sale in Sidney Australia   Triseter Gordon Setters and Pugs have been breeding gordon setters for over 35 years. We Breed and own the No 1 gordon setter in the USA for 2003 Aust, NZ, Can and AM CH Triseter Ebonie Nirvana. visit our web site to get a better appreciation of our gordon setters and Pugs we breed and show.
R.M.B 698 Lancefield Victoria Australia
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Puppies for sale in San Diego CA   Relativity Gordons was established in 1998 and is located in Northern California. Our Gordon Setters are bred to be beauty, brains, and birdsense award winners. They can be great competition dogs and great pets! These Gordons can finish in the show ring, are birdy enough to be personal hunting dogs and have enough intelligence and trainability to enjoy obedience training. They are well rounded, good tempermented dogs. Puppies and stud services available.
4551 Savage Rd. Placerville CA 95667 (530)626-6267
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