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If you want to sell your puppy, then you have come to the right place since this is the #1 pet source for selling, buying or adopting near you. You can advertise any type of breed and for any price. Potential puppy buyers will browse our categorized sections by breed type.
Here at PawSitesOnline we offer you and dog-lovers an extensive list of puppies for sale, ranging from small dogs to big dogs like Great Danes. Pick your choice of dog.

User Registration to sell puppies

User Registration is free but needed if you want to place an ad. This is also true if you want to place a Puppy wanted ad.
Why should I join?
Adding your puppies you have for sale, or adding a wanted ad, is easy! A web site is needed. If you don't have a web site, we'll create a sales page/wanted ad for you for free.
First you need to create your account by signing up below. After you have created your account you need to login using the menu to the left, to be able to add your ad.
To create your ad is easy. Just fill in your information, save it and you are done.
You can have one business ad but you can add as many puppy ads you like. All ads can have one picture each.
The setup fee is only $19.99 and it is a one time fee. Once your payment have been verified your ads will be live in our network. NOTE: It might take up to 24 hours before we can approve your ad!
The reason for manually approving your ad is that we need to control who can advertise in our network. We do not want any puppy-mills advertising and we delete ads at our discretion.
If you, as a breeder, are serious about your breeding program, then you don't want to be mixed with puppy-mills. On most other sites the ads are not being verified so your puppies show up among puppy-mill puppies. On PawSitesOnline this will not happen. If you find a puppy-mill on our site, please report it to us and we'll remove the ad ASAP!
Sign up now to start selling your puppies or place your puppy wanted ad.

NEW: Anyone who places a link to us on their site will get all advertising for FREE!
We will verify the link and and approve the ad as soon as the link is up!

New:When you submit your ad we will send out an email to all our subscribers that are looking for a puppy!

Adding and ad:
1. Submit your main ad.
2. After you have added your main ad, click on Add Puppy Ad. When you add a puppy ad it will be added to our pages with new puppies.
You can add as many puppy ads you want without cost. Be sure to fill in all fields!

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