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Why should you become a verified breeder? The best reason for it is to get rid and stop as many scammers as possible on the internet, people who steal your text and images and pretend that it is the scammers dogs and cats they are selling.
You will loose business and the scammers takes the money that should have been yours. Another good reason is that we want to get rid of not-so-good breeders and a lot of back-yard breeders doesn't think they need to be verified.

The verification process is simple. You sign up and you pay a years subscription. This shows us that you are interested in becoming a fully verified breeder. When we have done a "background check" on you as a breeder, which includes talking to other well know breeders that know you, will will send you an image you can put on your web site.
People can click on it and check our your verification, which includes your name, your web site where the seal should be on among other things.
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